Priestess Services

More people are discovering nature-centered spiritualities and are looking for new ways to celebrate the important times in their lives. As people from different faith traditions and cultures create families through marriage, having children, or living together in intentional communities, they may find that the traditions of modern society do not fit their needs or may be non-existent.

I collaborate with people to create a personal ceremony that celebrates their life journey and gives voice to their worldview and spirituality. I specialize in interfaith, pantheist, and pagan rites of passage – from baby blessings to coming of age, marriages to funerals.

Creating and Officiating Rites of Passage

Workshops and Lectures

  • The Art and Magic of Manifestation (Coming Soon)
  • Connecting with the Divine in Nature
  • Giving Good Ritual
  • Mask Making: an inner journey to the divine fire
  • Mythic History of Contemporary Paganism
  • Gifts, Offerings, and Sacrifice
  • Frameworks for Pagan Theology
  • Local Waters, Local Practice

Hospital and Home Visits


To create and officiate a ceremony, I use sliding scales as follows:

  • Simple ceremony with one consultation: $50 – $150
  • More complex ceremony with three-four consultations: $150 – $300

Speaking fee for workshop and lectures is the greater of 50% of the door or $50.

I also require coverage of transportation costs for trip over 30 miles from downtown DC, plus overnight accommodations if needed.

Hospital and home visits for patients and their families are free of charge.