Soul Divers shouldn’t work alone.

Water Altar

Every once in a while, someone asks me what I get out of my work with Reflections Mystery School, where I have been a student for the last 5 years. I usually find this a difficult question to answer because the work I have done is so personal and intimate and, at the same time, infuses every part of my life. I flounder with the words and usually land somewhere around “I got my art back,” which is true, sounds like nothing, but is everything to me.

Today, Katrina Messenger, the founder of Reflections and my teacher these last years, put some words around what it is we focus on in the school.

At Reflections, our focus is soul work. We offer classes on magickal and spiritual topics yes, but our primary area of concentration is evolving the soul.

She talks about healing our wounds, strengthening our cores, dancing with our Shadows, engaging with our growing edges, listening to our inner voices and dreams, answering our vocational calls, learning the language of Mystery, and walking with and supporting each other on our journeys.

And somehow…”I got my art back” engages all of those threads.

Shrine for Yemaya, Ocean Mother

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