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I Am the Fire Around You

Surrounded by Sacred Fire by Angela Raincatcher, 2010

I am the Fire around you.
I am the spark of life within you.
I am the flame burning through you.
I am all that I am.

Behold, there is magic all around us.
Behold, there is magic all around us.
Behold, there is magic all around us.
Awaken! Rejoice! Sing!

– from “Behold” by Abbi Spinner

Rumi Dances With The Beloved


Dance of the Beloved, Angela Raincatcher, 2007

You light the fire of love
in earth and sky
in heart and soul
of every being.

Through your love
existence and nonexistence merge.
All opposites unite.
All that is profane
becomes sacred again.

Rumi, The Alchemy of Love

Self-evident Equality

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The overturning of Proposition 8 and other legal successes to grant same-sex couples the same rights as different-sex couples are one more step toward the fulfillment of the grand promise and vision that our Ancestors/Founding Fathers and Mothers ascribed to.

I have been struggling with how to put into words how deeply I feel it when another state takes a stand for this equality. It hits my family in an intensely personal way. My father, who died 10 years ago, lived a life of shame and depression, which would have been ameliorated by the social acceptance heralded by legalizing same-sex marriage. Choices would have been available to him that were not.

When I look at same-sex couples getting married today, I see people who are pursuing their American dream of life, liberty, and happiness with the people they choose, the people who they are called to in the deepest level of the heart.

This can only strengthen our society, our connections with each other. Same-sex marriage makes for stronger families and happier people overall.

On Monday, I’m going to the District courthouse to register as a legal wedding officiant in DC. I could’ve done this 5 years ago, but the paperwork never seemed worth it. Now, I have two very good reasons — two same-sex couples have asked me to perform their ceremonies for them.  How could I say “no” when I am so honored and humbled to do such a service?

In need of a bath

Photo by Shane Hudson

I need a bath.

I need to submerge my body into a large, warm tub of water, where I can float for a little while. Totally blissed out, relaxed, quiet. Someplace beautiful and green. Someplace private and cozy.


When I lived in Houston, my priestess had a hot tub where we would do our Imbolc ritual of purification and healing. I have come to associate free floating in hot water with being nurture and held gently. There are the obvious associations with being in the womb, but I visualize it more like being bouyed by the energetic flow of the universe.

My body and my soul is craving this feeling right now. I foresee a trip up to Atasia Spa in Berkeley Springs in my near future…


Photo by Shane Hudson

Wishcasting Wednesday: What do you wish for your creativity?

Talk about synchronicities and inspiration!

1) As part of Wishcasting Wednesday, Jamie Ridler asks in her blog: What do you wish for your creativity? This is so timely for me as I have been asking essentially the same question of myself.

2) I am reading Alex Grey‘s The Mission of Art, which is sparking some major “ah-ha” moments for me, such as these beauties:

When artists give form to revelation, their art can advance, deepen, and potentially transform the consciousness of their community.

Artists offer the world the pain and beauty of their soul as a gift to open the eyes of and heal the collective…. Art sings and shouts from the axis of truth to wake us up to who we are and where we are going.

And these are just from the first chapter!

3) Yesterday, I created a new logo for Nine Ravens Studio to use on boxes and cards for my jewelry and wrote a new mission statement for my art practice.

I create manifest forms of deep beauty that act as portals and vessels for the gods and other spiritual energies to make themselves known and felt in the physical realm.

This is my wish and intention for my creativity, my Artist self, that part of myself that brings dreams and visions into manifestation.

Oh yeah, and I’m back in the studio painting and working again on my Qabalah book.