Monthly Archives: May 2010

Purpose with a side of joy, please

Ebullient: overflowing with fervor, enthusiasm, or excitement; high-spirited

Last night, Michael and I watched the first episode of Heroes. I had never seen it, but the series has been highly recommended by people whose taste in TV matches mine enough to justify a sampling.

I love Hiro’s ebullient dance through the sea of cubicles when he is able to make the clock on his desk go back just one second. His joy and conviction is unsinkable in the face of his skeptical colleague. I laughed giddly watching him in this first episode. And yes, “ebullient” was the first word I thought of to describe him when my husband and I were deciding whether to continue watching the show on Netflix. And then I’m looking online for more about this character and what makes him tick, and I realize that I may just have another media obsession.

“I wanted a guy who felt trapped in a life that was not his dream and what could be a power that would be most wish-fulfilling for that character? And that was the ability to teleport out of that life.” — Heroes  creator Tim Kring on Hiro, 2007

Oh, boy.

In the recesses of my psyche, a little head has popped up with wide eyes open. She is watching and wondering at Hiro’s embracing of his special power and how she can grab onto that joy for the ride of her life — and maybe change the world around her for the better. Maybe this is what listening to and answering the call to vocation looks like to my Younger Self.