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Getting Excited For Samhain

Saturday night bonfire, originally uploaded by heatherbirdtx.

In Becoming, it is known that Samhain is mine. It is my favorite holiday, the one that stirs my ritualist’s imagination.

When I create ritual, I usually start with the “feel” or atmosphere of the ritual, rather than a precisely worded intention. That comes as the ritual forms in my head. Usually a piece of the ritual will dance in my mind’s eye for a while before the intention and the whole ritual blooms from my subconscious.

I create ritual the way I create art, it seems.

This year, I was going to be “lazy” and use the ritual from last year with minimal changes. The ritual had other plans. A component from last year’s rite wanted a bigger role, wanted us to really dance and let loose more. A song suggested itself and wormed its way into my ear — over and over again.

When I bounced the idea off a Samhain co-conspirator, he loved it — much to my surprise!  I really thought he would give me a reality check. Instead, I got a free ticket to the land of “why not?” and “f**k yeah!”

But the overall plan wasn’t gelling. Or should I say, I wasn’t sitting still long enough to write out the narrative to give the other co-conspirators an insight into my thinking.

Yesterday, I did just that. Opened my laptop on the commuter train and just typed out what I saw, what was flowing up from my heart and into my imagination.

And now….NOW, I am excited for Samhain.  I can’t wait until we meet and start planning how we are going to do this and that! I am hopeful that my co-conspirators will be just as excited.

And with that, my Samhain season officially starts!

Chaos in Transition

 Yellow house on top of the hill

This past holiday weekend was the culmination of phase 2 of our move to a new house in Baltimore — moving!

We’ve spent the last month packing (phase 1) and living in boxes. Now we are in the new house and moving into phase 3 of unpacking and living boxes.  Dianne Sylvan over at Dancing Down the Moon has a great post today about how one’s home environment is an “outer expression of [one's] inner world.”


Living room


Perhaps I have been feeling unfocused and out of sorts lately because of the chaos that accompanies transition.  I use my altars as a daily focus for what I consider important in my life. My idols and icons serve as focal points to ground and center me in my body, in this world. When they are packed up, I miss them — it is so very easy to forget to stop and care for one’s spirit without those visual reminders and the physical activities of tending the sacred spaces in my home.

Cats exploring the new house


But I also know that I want to take time to unpack, sort through the things we hurriedly threw into boxes, decide how we want the rooms of our house to look, reflect on how each room in the house mirrors our inner lives (yes, I am including my husband in on the decisions). We have dedicated a room as the library/temple room, two for my studio and his office, and a third as a true guest bedroom.  When people come to our house, I want them to breathe a sigh of relief and comfort. I want our home to welcome and embrace our friends and family, and us too.

So, I am willing to live with a bit of chaos in creation, to not rush to hastily toward cosmos or order for the sake of order.

And thank you, Dianne, for the Indian decor blog recommendations!