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Fear of Retreat

In a couple of weeks, I am going on my first ever artist retreat as I travel to the Touch Drawing Gathering on Whidbey Island in Washington.

There’s a part of me that is nervous about it for several reasons.

Touch DrawingI’ve never been to an artist retreat before. I imagine that everyone else will have much more talent and be much more creative than I could ever hope to have or be. I imagine that my work will be shallow, that I will be unable to dive as deeply as I want to or need to. I imagine that I will be the example of someone who is stuck and unwilling to see the obvious-to-everyone-else blockage to going deep and fully experiencing the process.

I also imagine that when I come back from retreat my “real life” will be in shambles and that the next week or so will overwhelm me further. That the housework will have piled up, that my project at the museum will be behind schedule, that packing for the move will be where it was when I left, and that everyone will want a piece of me and my time. I imagine that I won’t be able to hold onto whatever little piece of peace I was able to find on retreat.

And I know that all of these are projections, but still they are present inside of me.

There is also a part of me that is very hopeful and excited.

Touch DrawingI imagine that my work will be enriched and inspired by the connections I make at this gathering — whether with other artists or with my own soul or with the creative source.

I imagine that I will make great friends that I will stay in contact with to share our artistic and spiritual journeys.

I imagine that I will learn techniques to deepen my own practice and to help others back home.

I imagine that my soul will be fed and my path made a little more clear.

Just in writing this, I have become aware of my need to set a positive intention in ritual space before I leave. 

I will engage fully with my soul and divine spark within. I will endeavor to see the divine within each person I meet. I will keep my eyes, ears, and heart open for serendipitous moments of wonder and inspiration.

Technical Help Needed

I need some technical help with this web site.

There, I said it.

My right navigation column is doing funky things — it shows up on the bottom of the first page, but in the correct position everywhere else.

I need to upgrade to the newer WordPress without mucking up my site.

I’d like to make changes to my template, or go with a new one with three columns.

I’d like to do all this without taking this site down until the changes are ready.

If you have experience with WordPress and can help me out, I am willing to pay or to trade work for work (editing, jewelry, artwork, or priestessing).

Send me an email at angela(at)nineravens(dot)com if you are interested.

Deeper at Artomatic: Artists Who Moved Me

Well, my life exploded over the past month as my husband and I went through the last stages of buying a house.  So, I never got around to interviewing the artists at Artomatic 2009 that I wanted to feature here.  Instead, I will provide links to their websites (not a substitute at all, but) the least I could do to highlight some really great artists, whom I hope to one day meet.

Kim Reyes, Ceramic Sculpture and Jewelry

Jennifer Judelsohn, Painting, Neshama Soulworks Studio

Kiona Cloud & Amtchat Edwards,Painting, Vibrate Higher

Novie Trump, Ceramics

Kirk Rynearson, Painting

Evie Altman, Mixed Media

Deborah FitzGerald, Illustration and Murals

Lisa Osgood-Dano, Glass Mosaics and Fusing

Diane L. Keister, Painting

Patricia Hartnett, Painting

Tom Haid, Painting

Jose Piedra, Painting

Leigh-Anne Mauk, Photography, Dreaming Shadows Design

Tracey Clarke, Painting

This morning, I found the information for two more artists whose work I was drawn to.

Sarah Palaszynski, Illustration and Painting, Orenda Studios

Blair Anderson, Painting