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Journey to the Source

Last weekend, seven women from Becoming traveled five hours to the source of the Potomac for our annual retreat and spring blessing rite.  This was the first time we had only women attend.  While I love our men, it was fun to have a weekend of sisterhood and CRAFTS!  Yes, we are all crafty women and there was knitting, beading, embroidery, henna, and glitter tattoos!  And food? Did I mention that Becoming has the most awesome cooks?  Homemade butter, veggie stone soup, beef roast, pancakes from scratch, oatmeal cookies, and more.  Yikes! 

I don’t have any photos from the cabin…yet. I took a bunch of someone else’s camera.  But here are a few from the source at the Fairfax Stone in West Virginia.

Ketzirah @ the Source Miniature Landscape Nicole @ the Source Miniature Landscape Barbara @ the Source Miniature Landscape  The Source Spring of the Potomac Miniature Landscape 

1) Ketzirah wandering the meadow, 2) Moss! 3) ChaCha on the stone above the source spring, 4) Miniature landscape, 5) Barbara relaxing with a tree friend, 6) Miniature landscape, 7) The source spring (kind of dry this year), 8) There’s some water!

And of course, every ritual needs a little “Joy and Pain, Sunshine and Rain!” Unfortunately those were the only lyrics we knew, but we danced and sang for all we were worth.


1) Getting our groove on, 2) Christina on the mountain top meadow (photos taken by Christina)

Out of the seven of us, four of us are on Twitter.  Because of this trip, we converted one other to the cult of Twitter, and I am no longer allowed to twitter on long car rides as I tend to start chains of ridiculous lies (like “I got into a bar fight and now need bail” which I twittered, but didn’t really happen).

The weekend ended with a group herbal steam bath at Atasia Spa in Berkeley Springs.  One of our sisters doesn’t like enclosed spaces, so we began quietly singing and chanting to bring the energy up. About 15 minutes into it, we must have started singing a little more loudly, as we were asked to stop — by someone banging on the door to our steam closet.  Ah well! Another spring righteously celebrated!


Shrine for Chango
I am not a child of Chango, Yoruban orisha of thunder, but I have to admit a certain attraction to his virility and pure masculinity–and the drumming, let’s not forget the drumming (links to a real audio file).  So, I jumped at the opportunity to create a shrine as a commission for one of his children.
Usually I create my shrines from used wooden cigar boxes, but luckily I read that Chango despises cigars before starting.  Research, it does an artist good.  I had some old office in-boxes laying around, so I used that for the container.  Add a digitally modified image, rooster feathers, beads and vintage buttons, and a sigil/symbol for Chango (that frankly came to me in a vision and is not traditional).
Anyway, I am pretty happy with it.  I hope that Chango is.

Jumping into social networking

Just an update to let you know of other ways you can get your Angela/Nine Ravens Studio fix…

I am on Facebook at Nine Ravens Studio. I will be posting pictures, links, and event updates.  You can also chat with other folks who like my work.

And if you’d like to follow me on Twitter, my username is @nineravens.  There I “tweet” about my art and writing process, and sometimes just life in general.