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More on the Animating the Spirit of Democracy ritual

I just thought I would share some coverage of the ritual from the Monday before the inauguration.

Caroline Kenner, one of the main organizers, wrote a feature article of the whole process at Witches’ Voice with a few pictures.

Interfaith Voices, which airs locally on WAMU 88.5 on Sundays at 3:00pm, had a segment in their show featuring recordings from the ritual.  You can play the whole show from their web site.  Our segment starts about 43 minutes into the program.

The folks over at Magic TV recorded the whole 1 hour 20 minute ritual and interviews with the three organizers.

If you don’t want to watch the whole ritual, some highlights (with a personal bias) include:

Me giving the Water invocation (at 17:40)
Caroline Casey‘s invocation of the Compassionate Trickster (at 24:00)
Ketzirah Carly‘s blessing on the District of Columbia (at 42:00)
Katrina Messenger‘s message (at 57:40)

Last, but not least, the Associated Press picked up the Witches’ Broom Dance, which started off the ritual and many local stations around the country showed the video.  You can see it at the website of The Washington Post

Invoking compassion and heart into democracy


Angela, originally uploaded by Carly & Art.

On Monday, January 19, about 100 people attended a Ritual of Unity and Blessing to Animate the Spirit of Democracy at the Jefferson Memorial. I was honored to invoke the powers of Water to the occasion.

With a strong and open heart,
I call upon the power of the sacred living Waters
to be with us.

I call to the tears of the Goddess to wash through us
To cleanse and heal our nation’s wounds
To wash away all that stands in our way
All that keeps us from reaching out and fully connecting with each other.

I call to the spirits of the rivers that flow through this land
to bring abundance and joyful life
to all beings who live here, work here, and play here.
to keep the heart of our nation
flowing strong and clean and free.

I ask the spirits of the rain that nourishes our land
to bring compassionate awareness and action
to the heart of our nation.
Help our leaders to actually care about those they lead
Help each of us here at this ritual, attending the inauguration, or watching it on TV
to open our hearts more fully
to embody the sacredness, and love, and healing that
we all so desperately need.

I call on the power of the sacred living Waters
to be with us here and now in this sacred circle,
in this sacred city, for this sacred event.

Blessed be.

Ketzirah, my soon to be sister Celebrant, also delivered a truly moving blessing for the city.

Love Lost and Love Found — New Jewelry

I have recently found that I like designing and putting together beaded jewelry to go with my collage-y artwork.  All the little, shiny beads in their translucent colors….  Although I do need a magnifying glass for the smallest ones, and my hands feel a bit cloddish, I am in love again.  Perhaps just a phase, but I am learning to just follow without judgment where my creative river flows.


Love Lost is a wistful piece.  Is that a young widow or the spirit of Death wandering the cemetery with a single red rose?  This piece features my first completely original photography, which has been altered using Photoshop CS2.  I plan to make a series of notecards with this and other images from the same photo shoot.


Single Rose is a bit more playful.  I imagine someone wearing this with white or red lingerie for their lover.  Coy and mockingly innocent.  In a way, it reminds me of my youthful sexual encounters.  The image I colorized was originally photographed by Tina Keller under a Creative Commons license.

I’d like to thank my friends Art Drauglis for photographing these and ChaCha for modeling the necklaces.

Let me know what you think.

Stray remembrance

Montmartre, originally uploaded by John Althouse Cohen.

Yesterday as I was eating lunch in the darkened, quiet restaurant, I remembered when I was a teenager in Oklahoma. Going out for lunch or dinner with a few friends to a “grown-up” restaurant without our parents, getting waited on, and paying for our own meal lent a specialness to the outing. Especially if the restaurant were quiet and dark with big booths where my friends and I could hunker down and share stories without everyone’s watchful eyes and ears intruding. Especially if the food was plentiful, savory, and yet not too expensive.

I really dislike restaurants that are too bright, too open, too loud, with food that is over priced and not very good.

Give me a dark cave of a leather booth, a large beer, food that makes my mouth sing, and music just loud enough to drown out the conversation in the next booth but quiet enough that I can hear my dinner partner.

And if a booth is not available, give me a table on the deck overlooking a view. And if I can put my back against the wall and unobtrusively observe the swirl of humanity, all the better.

Pendants for Valentine necklaces

I am making a series of necklaces for Valentine’s Day — a little wistful and perhaps more about searching for and losing love, but my experience of this “special” day has been checkered to say the least.

Valentine necklaces

The second from the left features my very own photography skills, such as they are. I have to thank Bethany Moore for posing in the cemetery on a cold January day.

Full Moon in Cancer 2009

Yesterday at 10:27pm EST, the full moon was in Cancer. I am trying to keep with my new practice of doing Touch Drawing at the new and full moons.

Prior to my session, I wanted to set an intention and started with a little thinking about the planets, signs, and houses influencing this time. I am timing this work, which is good for communicating with subconscious and/or soul, with lunar energy — a natural dovetailing of energies. This time we have double Moon influence as Cancer is ruled by the Moon.
Moon: emotional response, subconscious energy patterns, deep emotional needs
Cancer: sensitivity, domesticity, protection, family-oriented, home

Lisa Dale Miller over at says:

This is that once a year when the Full Moon is posited in the heartful astrological sign it rules, making the force of love and trust so abundant that the heart just naturally opens… Make this a “get real and get committed” Full Moon: a Moon for setting an intention to love yourself and your partner/family even through the hard times.

Cancer is cardinal water — the active, initiative aspect of emotional, intuitive energy. I’m thinking a spring pouring from the depths of the earth to begin life as a river. I’m thinking someone who actively nurtures something in the beginning of life — you know, like a mother.

I set my intention as a question to my Younger Self:

What does love and nurturing in my life look like?

Touch Drawing Touch Drawing Touch Drawing

Cosmic Building Blocks

What do you give a pagan baby to welcome him or her into the world?

Cosmic Building Blocks of the Magic Universe!

Cosmic Building Blocks mobile

With these tools, that baby will learn how to manifest his/her dreams from a very early age.

Reaching Out

I wanna hold your hand, originally uploaded by batega.

Today I am feeling alone. Quiet. Yearning. To reach out and find someone’s hand reaching back out to me.

I find that much of my motivation in this life is connection — hand to hand and heart to heart. Whether it is through my art, ritual, meeting for drinks after work, or in my weakest days, obsessively checking LiveJournal, Facebook, and my email.

But instead, I will sit in my office and write, not about things that truly matter to my heart, but what I need communicate to keep projects at work on track. Perhaps if I can just focus enough on what needs to get done, I can drown out the other voices. At least, that’s the advice I get from my mother. Not sure how true it is for me, though.