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Ascending and Descending

Prayers to Heaven
Every time I look at this one I hear the phrase, “and she’s riding a stairway to heaven.” Although I just looked up the lyrics and see that “riding” should be “buying,” which changes the whole meaning.

I’m not giving this a title yet, but I initially thought of it as “Drowning in Shallow Water.” The image intrigues me and scares me at the same time.

I got BRASHed!

Brash is a stealth poet who writes short poems in response to the visual art at Artomatic. I have been secretly hoping to come around the corner and find a Brash poem on my wall for the last few weeks. This last weekend, my secret desire came true.

Chokmah: The Old Man's Crazy Idea First Step Of The Journey
To Angela Raincatcher’s Chokmah: The Old Man’s Crazy Idea

You do not need to be frightened
By the electricity sparking off his brow;
Bask in his light, enlightened
Presence in the here and now.
And once your own senses are heightened,
He might show you where and why and how.

(c) BRASH, May 30, 2008

When the Moon Fell in Love

What would happen if the silvery moon fell in love with the trees?

Last October, I had a commission to create an altar shrine for a woman previously unknown to me. This was my first time working on such a project for someone who I did not have a relationship with. And it felt strange, and took a long time to move from concept to completion.

In our initial phone conversation, she told me that her spiritual practice really focused on nature, trees, and the moon, but not in any personified way. We talked a while about how she interacted with the trees in the light of the moon and what that meant to her.

When the Moon Fell in Love

The interior digital collage came easy. I got that done in about a month from that initial call. The exterior of the box was more difficult from a technical standpoint. I wanted to do a line drawing in silver of tree roots in the soil. But nothing came out looking quite right — just a bunch of squiggly lines. Then I stumbled upon a picture of a seedling showing the burst seed casing and the root system.

When the Moon Fell in Love

Then the box sat for months. It seemed to mock me as I could think of nothing for the interior left side. Every half baked idea fell flat. I felt guilty that I could not get this shrine done as winter moved into spring. Some days I even avoided going into my studio.

Then about a week ago, it hit me! The seed casing on the exterior looked like a crescent moon. The seedling could be the silvery love child produced by the union of the tree and moon in the collage. And what could be better for a shrine than “relics” of that union — silvered branches!

I worried that she would not like the piece, that it would not capture what she wanted at all. It had taken so much mental and spiritual labor to get this piece born — and I wasn’t sure if it was good enough. With dread in my stomach, I sent her pictures and got a quick reply.

The tree with the moon could have pulled right from my mind – it’s exactly the way I “see” trees at night … my breath caught in my throat and I got a bit weepy to see it with my physical eyes.

I’m going to call that success.