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Black Heart of the Star Goddess

black_heart_onlineLast October, I took a class on the Pearl Pentacle with Thorn Coyle at Reflections Mystery School. During an guided meditation in which we expanded our awareness of our being to feel the love of the Star Goddess, I had a vision of “a violet heart as if seen under black light, surrounded and penetrated by the flowing, inky dark smoke of starry space.”

I tried soon thereafter to bring this vision into a digital collage, but couldn’t get the smoke right. I thought I might have to paint or draw this image, but never got around to it. But as always with these spontaneous visions seeking to be brought into this realm, it would not leave me be.

Yesterday, I began playing around with the images again. I knew from the beginning that I would use this image of a heart x-ray. I have used it in several other works, and now my subconscious uses it when speaking to me about the divine heart. I found an image of “substantial” smoke coming from one stick of incense, and used that to begin creating the starry dark smoke.

When I am in the artist zone, several hours can flow by without me noticing. I am following a river of potentials and possibilities. The process, when it is working, feels almost effortless, as if everything falls into place. When it is not working, or when it is time, it is very frustrating — I can’t find the right images, get the right placement, or execute the right technique. And I love the feelings of triumph, relief, and completeness that accompany getting the image on the screen or shrine in harmony with the image before my etheric eyes.

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