Monthly Archives: November 2005

November walk to work

This morning I turned on the television to find out the weather for today because opening the door to the outside would have made too much sense. But it is too warm for a coat, so back to the autumn jacket for me.

It is no longer dawn when I wake up. It is still dark, and my ankles are getting fussy as they do every winter. Walking down the stairs to feed kitties, I have to grip the rail and lean my weight on it to spare the ankles. I can still remember springing down the stairs without a worry, and sometimes I can still do that in the afternoon. But not first thing in the morning. Ah Winter, I am your bitch.

I was treated to a magnificent dawn this morning as I walked eastward to work. I feel the wind just before a storm on my skin and tugging at my hair. I am energized by the millions of moving molecules swirling around and passing through me. The crisp, fallen leaves dance a ballet inspired by the whirling dervish around my legs. The pigeons ride a roller coaster of air currents around the intersection of 7th and N Streets. There is little sound this early except for dead leaves agitated by the wind.

The sun rises as I walk. Soft, golden light peeks above dark, brick houses. Indigo recedes to palest blue. I am joyful to be alive and awake right now. I watch the skies more than the streets and have to remember to cross only with the light. People walk pass and we say “morning” in affirmation that yes, we are inhabiting the same space-time continuum where it is after midnight and before noon for each of us.

I turn south and walk the last couple blocks to work. Two buildings open enough space between them to allow the rising sun to see me. I am covered in gold for a moment and know in my heart that this is the color of happiness and hope.

Blessings to you today. May you see the world a wondrous place.