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Childhood Blessing

I received an email in April 2005 from a couple who wanted a blessing for their child who was turning one-year-old. The mother was from a Catholic family, but was now a seeker along a more pantheist path. The father was from a Protestant family, but was now atheist. They wanted a blessing that would introduce their child to their family and community of friends, and put the child under the protection of the energies or spirits of nature. They also wanted a ceremony that would appropriate to be attended by their families who may or may not be comfortable or familiar with a fully pagan ceremony.

We started with the base of a Druidic baby-blessing ritual from The Druid Network. I shortened the ceremony and rewrote many of the sections to tailor it to the needs of the parents. The parents chose two poems from Earth Prayers, edited Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon, to begin and end the ceremony. They also chose readers from friends and family members. The ceremony was held outside under a pavilion. Before people arrived, the circle was delineated by pink and purple rose petals and the space purified with sage and sweetgrass.

I have changed the names in the ceremony. In this example, the child will be a son named Robert with parents named Barbara and Mitchell.

Childhood Blessing Rite

Couple and Household Blessing

I received an email from a couple who had been dating for over a year and were moving into their first home together. They were not ready to get engaged officially, but had discussed marriage for their future. They wanted to do a small but meaningful ceremony to bless their new home and honor the commitment they were making by buying a home and beginning their journey together. Neither was familiar with ritual construction nor followed any particular religious or spiritual tradition since separating from the faith traditions in which they had been raised.

As the ceremony was to be held in their new home with just the two of them, I wrote a ritual framework for them with example words. Rather than officiate the ceremony, I stood as a sacred witness as the couple blessed the house and made their commitment to each other.

The names have been changed in the ceremony below.

Couple and Household Blessing Rite