Monthly Archives: August 2000

Dedication to Bridghid

I sing to you, O Bridghid, queen of sacred poets,
Burning flame in the night.
Your light points the way out of the mental fog
And towards a higher purpose.
Every speck of paint, every smudge of charcoal,
Every song written and sung, every word written and shared,
Is within your power.
I dedicate them to you.

Let my words bring beauty,
Let them move the people to the saddest sweetest tears
And to the highest cries of ecstasy.

I dedicate my voice to you,
Lady of bards, poets, and madmen.

May I serve you with honor.
May my songs make you proud.
May my life make you smile.

Hail, Lady Bridghid, I honor you.
Accept my sacrifice.

written on Mohegan Island, Maine